Boulder Sound Guy

Live Sound Recording
A/V Production

What I Do

  • Live music recording
  • Lectures and presentations recording
  • Video recording
  • A/V editing

Live music recording

If you need a concert recorded, I have the gear and the experience. Whether you just need a simple stereo recording or 24 separate tracks I can get it done in a professional manner. With nearly a quarter century of experience I have successfully captured a huge range of musical events in many types of venues.

  • 2-track: Stereo mic
  • 2-track: Stereo board feed
  • 4-track: Mic plus board
  • 24-track: Mic split

Lectures and presentations recording

The same skills and experience I have with live music recording apply to spoken word events. I can not only capture audio at lectures and presentations, I can offer production assistance for the live event to optimize the experience for the in-person audience. I have a history of successful live sound production plus the gear to make your event a success.

Video recording

Let's face it, people expect video. For music it's very beneficial and for slide-show presentations it's required. While a proper professional video production, with multiple cameras, camera operators and a director, would be ideal it is also prohibitively expensive. I can capture a basic, one-camera video recording that is far superior to an audio-only experience.

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